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Mike in Turtleneck.jpg
Mike in Turtleneck.jpg
Wood Panel

Hi! My name is Mike Sherman and thanks for checking out my art. My watercolor art reflects a broad range of topics ranging from architecture and landscapes to the African American diaspora and military history. I am influenced and inspired by a wide range of artists to include Henry O. Tanner, Paul Goodnight, John Singer Sargent and Hazel Sloan just to name a few. My work is rooted in history, commemoration, motion, and color. My work was recently selected to be in the James Wise Gallery’s “Crowns of Glory: Ceremony and Couture though Caps, Coiffures, and Coverings” ”, Lagunas Art Gallery 2022 “50 and Over” exhibitions, and the Artistonish 29th Magazine Issue. I recently earned the Public Choice Award for my painting “Maasai Runner” during the Diversia 30th - UN Calendar and exhibition (December 2022). The same painting was also selected for exhibition in the Rhode Island Water Color Society (RIWS) 2023 National Watermedia Show. My recent work, "Sunday Choir", was selected as a finalist in the 2023 9th annual Teravarna Abstract competition. My self-portait "Night Mission"  was featured in the Ellington-White Contemporary Gallery (EWCG) and the Rosenthal Gallery  2023 National Drawing Competition. 

I have been involved with art, architecture and urban design at some level for over 30 years. I am a graduate of both Hampton University and MIT’s graduate architecture and urban planning programs. I am also a retired US Army officer and combat veteran. I currently works full time with the US federal agency responsible for reviewing and approving the urban design and site locations of congressionally legislated commemorative art works, such as the Martin Luther King Memorial, World War II Memorial and National Museum of African American History and Culture, in Washington, DC.

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